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Optimal Sleep

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Vitamin D3, AdreMend & MagDerm

For individuals who have been battling stress and fatigue or who just want to get more restful sleep.

Recommendations for Adults:

Vitamin D3: 1 to 3 capsules daily, in divided doses.

AdreMend: 1 to 6 capsules daily, in divided doses.

MagDerm: 24 sprays daily, in divided doses

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Product Description

Vitamin D3

Vitamin D3 enhances calcium absorption and retention, a key nutritional role in supporting healthy bones, and may play a potential role in cardiovascular, colon and cellular health.



AdreMend‘s combination of whole adrenal and adrenal cortex with organic adaptogenic herbs nutritionally supports the proper functioning of the adrenal glands. Adaptogenic botanicals contained in this formula have a strong history of safety and efficacy and when combined with specially selected bovine glandular they are used to reduce fatigue, moderate stress, enhance sleep and support healthy immune resistance.



MagDerm provides the highest absorbable form of magnesium via transdermal delivery. Magnesium is essential to life and is a vital component for energy production, hormone balance and immune support. Specially formulated at a high concentration and undergoes a proprietary electromagnetic process to increase its bio-availablity.

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