Optimal Body Trim

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Optimal Body Trim

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BodyCompForte & CLA

For individuals who want to optimize their body composition and get the most from their fat burning exercise program.

Recommendations for Adults:

BodyCompForte: 9 capsules daily in divided doses

CLA: 1 to 3 capsules daily, in divided doses

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Product Description


BodyCompForte provides a one of a kind powerful blend of botanical extracts with metabolism boosting hormone support to enhance the bodies ability to reduce body fat storage. The synergistic effect of this proprietary formula ensures healthful blood sugar levels and normalizes appetite.


CLA is a naturally occurring trans-isomer of linoleic acid, which benefits body composition, promotes lean muscle development and supports weight control. Clinical studies also show that CLA supports cardiovascular and bone health, maintains healthy blood and cholesterol, and supports your immune system, proper insulin balance, and a healthy response to inflammation.

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